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Through multimedia content and community building, we exist to empower, engage, and inspire the next generation of Asians to explore what it means to be Asian today.

Born out of the lack of authentic Asian representation and mainstream discourse surrounding Asian issues during COVID-19, Next GenerAsian was created for and by Asians who believe in the power of storytelling to cultivate meaningful dialogue and bridge the gaps that exist. We explore topics ranging from identity to activism and offer opportunities and resources — all from the Asian perspective.


Since July 2020, we have been and are here to inform, uplift, and inspire action through the content and experiences we create. We are unapologetic in our goals of highlighting Asian voices, fighting for visibility, and creating deeper understanding and connections. With a focus on Generation Z, we are a community of outspoken and determined Asian students, youth, and young adults who are pushing our narrative in a world that too often ignores us, all while celebrating and embracing our cultural roots. Our team welcomes individuals living across all Asian communities and diasporas, no matter how much or how little they identify with their Asian identity.

In an effort to shed light on our highly-underrepresented history, build solidarity, and promote intersectionality, we challenge various topics related to race, class, immigration, gender inequality, sexual orientation, and mental health, among others.

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